Wychwood Rise Field Association

In the spring of 1977, the field adjacent to the hammerhead was placed on the market by the Executors of the previous owner. The field was not then in a confirmed green belt area, although this was proposed. Various outside parties expressed interest in purchasing the field, but when they heard of these proposals certain residents in the immediate environment of Wychwood Rise considered that these were not necessarily in the best interests of the residents of Wychwood Rise and the immediate area.


Accordingly, four individual residents agreed to purchase the field on their own behalf, but subsequently invited other residents to join with them in the purchase. A further ten residents decided to join the original four (making 14 in total) All parties were extremely concerned that the field could be acquired by either commercial developers in the hope of future planning applications, or for some other potentially obnoxious use that did not require planning consent (eg accommodation land) or other agricultural purposes.

As described in the initial trust deeds, these trustees in accordance with the wishes of the original beneficiaries, immediately sold small portions of the field to directly adjacent owners, to reduce the initial costs, to which costs all beneficiaries contributed in equal shares. Two sub-purchasers, namely house 30 and 41 Wychwood Rise, are not beneficiaries.

The trustees did not, however, purchase the ransom strip which is located between the hammerhead and the field. This ransom strip was retained by the original developers of the penultimate phase of Wychwood Rise.

Further points of interest to beneficiaries/potential beneficiaries are that the Trustees did not purchase full development rights over the field and, indeed, the original vendors still have rights to construct a road through the field for use in connection with their further field to the south-west. This they have now sold to another party. Quite specifically, the Trustees have acquired no individual development rights over the field and the beneficiaries enjoy no rights either.

There are four Trustees who in law own the field and they are bound by Deed of Covenant to run the field for the benefit of all the members. Elections are held should a Trustee resign, which they are bound to do should they move away.

Proper books and accounts are available and these are audited. A 75% majority of beneficiaries (including Trustees) is required for any changes in the basis on which the Field Association can be run. Since its inception, the Association has, apart from the initial contribution of the first beneficiaries, been completely self funding. Members are obliged to maintain insurance cover on the field. A Jubilee Barbecue party was held in the first few weeks of ownership and this along with subsequent events produced enough funds to avoid having to draw upon individual members for funds. In the original Trust Agreement with the original developers, it was tacitly agreed that the members would maintain the ransom strip referred to above.

There is no pedestrian right of way over the site other than to Lamorna on Nags Head Lane (originally members of the Association). The Trustees take measures to ensure that this situation is maintained. It was the intention of the original members that part of the field be used exclusively as a play area, with another section laid out as allotments. The remainder of the field is kept in a generally natural state. The Trustees have no intention of altering these arrangements. Members are encouraged to assist in maintaining the central mowed area and any other maintenance work that is required. There are various restrictive covenants affecting the site with regard to the keeping of livestock etc The Trustees purchased various trees which have been planted to enhance the field.

Should any incoming owner of a beneficiary house decline to assume membership, for a nominal 50 pence fee, then that house is forever debarred from the benefits of the Association even on subsequent resale.

Original households in the Association were:

14 Wychwood Rise
18 Wychwood Rise - Trustee
20 Wychwood Rise
22 Wychwood Rise - Trustee
24 Wychwood Rise
26 Wychwood Rise (Lapsed)
27 Wychwood Rise
28 Wychwood Rise - Trustee
31 Wychwood Rise - Trustee
33 Wychwood Rise (Lapsed)
35 Wychwood Rise (Lapsed)
39 Wychwood Rise
Lamorna, Nags Head Lane (Lapsed)

This is a very general outline of events as originally penned by a previous chairman ot the WRFA. It has no standing as a legal document.